Papua New Guinea - The Simbkisi Prayer House

Tup village is located in the southern heart of Whagi Valley in Jiwaka Province in Papua New Guinea’s magnificent highlands.

There you will find a small prayer house where villagers from near and far can come for prayer and healing in a time of need. It is known as Simbkisi Prayer House. Simbkisi means “Barefoot” in the Jiwakan language.

Nathalie Non Morr is a mighty woman of prayer who spends her life going wherever she is needed for intercessory and healing prayer. The Simbkisi Prayer House provides a central place for Natalie and her team of Prayer Warriors to minister. Tup is the home village of Cathy Kas Koki, who now lives in Murrayville. God gave her the vision of a Prayer House in her village so she donated her own land for the building and enlisted her family and fellow villagers to help build the Prayer House. We are incredibly honoured that Cathy chose to name the Simbkisi Prayer House after our ministry here at Murrayville. The name has great personal meaning to her also……hoping to get a blog out of her about that!

The building has been constructed by locals using traditional skills and locally sourced materials. In March 2016, in six days trees were chopped, split, cleaned and put in place by the men while the women gathered the roof grasses for the men to place on a bamboo bed to form the roof. After that walls were woven from bamboo and put in place. A food garden has been planted around it to provide for those who come.

There are plans to build other buildings in order to provide a Care Centre which provides accommodation and classrooms for those seeking healing and help. It will provide a place for those afflicted by drug and alcohol addictions and affected by a lifestyle of violence and abuse. The sick, widowed and orphaned will be taken care of. Any one in need of care, healing and prayer will be welcomed and loved.

More funds are needed to complete the extensions and we would like to provide materials such as Sunday School resources for the villagers. Cathy’s brother, Francis, has been sharing the gospel and teaching building skills, agriculture, poultry, piggery management and fish farming to young men recovering from addictions. He has sponsored some young men through apprenticeships so they have a trade and are able to get away from drugs and alcohol. He has been doing this with provision from his own funds so it would be wonderful to help him in this incredible ministry.

Check our blog for updates and testimonies from Tup.

Uganda – Pastor Fred Mukasa

HIGH STANDARD CHRISTIAN SCHOOL in Kateera, Uganda was established by Principal and Pastor, Fred Mukasa.

The school has over 450 students and 27 teachers. A typical classroom has around 60 students studying in the same space that a typical Australian school teaches 25 students. They have only a handful of computers and old ones at that. Accommodation is available for many students but conditions are very cramped. Over 240 students live at the school and some of these students are orphaned refugees from southern Sudan. They lost their families during the war and are now in the care of the school.

Students and staff display high standards of behaviour and all students wear their uniforms with pride as they understand that education is a valuable privilege.

Ps Fred has also started a primary school called HOPE AND CARE JUNIOR SCHOOL, for Kindergarten to grade 7, ages between 3 and 11. Most of these kids are from the poor families in the community and they are generally needy. At this school, the greatest needs are building the classrooms and feeding the children. They need to build 7 classrooms and the cost of building each room is about $5,000 AUD. The monthly cost for feeding is $2,000 AUD. They are praying for sponsors who could sponsor the monthly feeding!

One of Fred’s churches is still in need of walls to keep the weather out. This church began after many people in the village decided to follow Jesus and so desired to have a church building where they could meet together.

Ps Fred’s schools are always in need of more resources. Students are supposed to pay for their education but in truth many students at these schools cannot afford their fees. Ps Fred does all he can to make it as easy as possible for students to pay a minimal fee.

One of these churches is still in need of walls to keep the weather out. This church began after many people in the village decided to follow Jesus and so desired to have a church building where they could meet together.

Shalom Music Festival

March 22, 2022
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Once again, we are preparing to bring together a host of talented, passionate, faith-filled musicians for a weekend of music, fun & fellowship. We have many artists coming back again for their second or third festival, plus some very exciting talent new to Shalom Music Festival. Not Long to Go! ​Dates & times: FRIDAY 1st APRIL:…

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