Not “The Late Jesus Christ”

I just received this email from our friend in Uganda and have to share it. I love it! You can see more of Ps Fred’s work on our Missions page. Bless you Fred.

Dear friends,

Calvary greetings. Hope you are doing well.

Just to remind you that Michael Jackson died few years ago and they now call him late Jackson, Yaradua also died few years ago and he is now called late Yaradua, Nelson Mandela Madiba also died few years ago they also now call him late Mandela, Gadaffi died few years ago he is also called late Gadaffi, Mohammed died few years ago and he is also called the late Mohammed BUT Over 2000 years ago Jesus Christ of Nazareth died but nobody, not even the devil calls him late Jesus Christ. Hahahaha!!!!! Glory be to God in the highest, we serve a living Christ, He’s alive!! He lives!!! He reigns!!!! and He rules!!!!! Amen to the lamb of God, Bread of life, Brook of living water, Rock of Ages, Promise Keeper, Revealer of Mysteries, The great I AM, Alpha & Omega. etc.

May God bless you for serving Christ our hope of glory.

Because of Christ



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