“The Nashville Statement” on Marriage.

“Love hates all that is contrary to good. And since love itself is defined as an attribute of God Himself (cf. 1 John 4:8: God is love), anything that contradicts His teachings and commandments is unloving. Consistent with this definition of biblical love, those who promote homosexuality and transgenderism in the name of ‘love’ are actually unloving. Likewise, one of the most loving things a Christian can do is to warn others of God’s coming wrath (Romans 1:1824–27) and to call them to repentance.” (1)

If, as a Christian, you are at all confused about what you should believe about same-sex attraction, The Nashville Statement is a great starting point in your journey towards wisdom and understanding in this area.

The Nashville Statement is a declaration on biblical sexuality that clearly outlines the Biblical view of sexuality, including the issues of homosexuality, gender and marriage. It was released in late August 2017 with signatories of 159 prominent evangelical theologians and pastors.

You can find it at: https://cbmw.org/nashville-statement/

(1) Creation Ministries International have a great article that affirms the Nashville Statement and how Christian marriage is underpinned by Biblical Creation.




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