Easter Saturday – Between Death and Life.

What happened on Easter Saturday?

Some say God was silent. There’s all sorts of theological discussion one can have about what happened between the cross and the empty grave…….

But one thing we do know is that here on Easter Saturday, we can either look back or look forward. A day of choice.

We can look back to Friday. Death. Jesus on the cross. If He stays there, or stays dead I should say, He’s irrelevant. Just another good but slightly crazy bloke.

Or, do we look at Sunday, Resurrection Sunday, and empty tomb and Christ risen from the dead. If we look forward to Sunday, we are confronted by this foundation-shaking phenomenon. This controversial man, risen from the dead just as He said He would.

All of Friday now makes sense. The suffering, the seeming waste of a good man in the prime of His life. Risen from the Dead! Wow! Supernatural.

So, we take a closer look at the life of this man and see that He changed the world. Perfect in all His ways. Sinless. He alone can stand in the gap for those of us who are not perfect. A perfect God requires we meet His standards and we cannot. Pure and simple we cannot. As good as some can be, we’re all selfish. We’re all liars, adulterers, gossipers, cheaters, etc. If we haven’t done some of these “sins” in reality we’ve thought about it, which indicates at our core our hearts aren’t right. So, we need someone to save us from the judgement of a righteous God, and that’s just what Jesus did. Death could not hold Him because death is the punishment for sin and since He was sinless…….

…Sunday came!

The perfection of Jesus Christ declares death cannot hold Him. Risen from the dead, Jesus makes a way for us to be reunited with our Father God in Heaven, who has longed for us to be in relationship with Him but our own rebellion has kept us away.

That rescue from death and restored relationship with the all-powerful God of love then becomes our inheritance when we recognise this to be true and come in repentance and declare Him to be King, Lord over everything.

Freedom comes on Sunday, so don’t stay in Saturday’s valley of decision. Don’t stay stuck, looking back at Friday and beyond with it’s past of pain, regret and shame nor stay resting on the laurels of your past performance because no matter how good it is, it can never be good enough when held up against the standard of God’s perfection.

Resurrection Sunday is glorious. It is freedom, it is hope and it is everlasting life.

If you would like to know more about Jesus, freedom and forgiveness please contact us at Barefoot Ministries via our website or Facebook. We would love to talk with you.

God bless,

Kym & Faye.

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