During prayer and worship a couple of nights ago I received this from the Lord……..

I see a huge line of men walking shoulder to shoulder, advancing across the land. They were all dressed differently, according to their normal work attire, whatever it may be. They were singing in deep voices. I couldn’t discern their words but it combined to make a deep, beautiful resonance. I felt that the resonance was in sync with the rhythms of God, the heartbeat of God.

God is calling men to rise up and get in sync with His heartbeat – desire what God desires. Rise up and be the strong leader that He designed you to be. Don’t be swayed in this time of great challenge; you have an authority that you have not been using.

This is not a call to rule harshly in your area of influence, it is a call to be strong, most of all, in knowing who you are – you’re a beloved son of the Most High God, created for good deeds, to stand for righteousness, justice and to protect your family from the assault of the enemy. Be warned! The enemy fights at you from the front but mostly from behind where you can’t see him coming. He has already insidiously made his home in the midst of you.

Be men of prayer and action, but wait on the Lord for your strategies. This is war. Look after your mates. Don’t leave a man behind unless he’s working for the other side.

The points below have come from further reflection on the above:

Women, let your men meet together and grow together.

  • Stop trying to micro-manage him
  • Stop trying to control
  • Stop criticizing
  • Stop thinking you always know better


  • Encourage
  • Give freedom
  • Humble yourselves before God and seek Him, for He alone can satisfy your soul
  • Realise that this call is not for men to dominate but to be confident in their roles as men of God first, then husband, father etc

In God’s kingdom there is no room for jealousy, contention, domination or selfishness.

“But you, beloved, build each other up in the most holy faith, praying in the Holy Spirit, keep yourselves in the love of God, looking for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ unto eternal life.” Jude 20

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