In The Moment.

Carrot Cutting Clarity!

One evening recently, while preparing dinner, my mind was churning over a great list of things I hadn’t got done during that day, despite my best intentions. So I began mentally compiling my list for the next day, feeling the burden of all the things I needed to get done.

I felt Holy Spirit quietly say, “Leave that, just be in the now.”

So I asked myself, “What’s my now?” (Some of you are laughing at my need to actually ask that question, but this is the real me talking!)

I’m cutting carrots!

That was my first observation, but as I slowed down my anxious mind I became aware that the temperature of the room, and indeed the whole day had been absolutely perfect living weather. The stillness in the yard outside my window was peaceful and my large span of windows brought the beautiful green spaces inside to my kitchen.

My breathing slowed, my thoughts no longer raced, as I absorbed the “now” around me. Peace!

This is what Jesus meant when he told us not to worry. BE like the lilies of the field – glorious in their brief days of bloom, unconcerned that life was short. BE like the birds of the air – they don’t know what worry is, yet the Father knows them. (Matthew 6: 25-33)

Our Father is the GREAT I AM! Here in our present. He communicates with us in the present and if our present is a mind full of worries, troubles and confusion, it’s hard to hear Him beyond all that noise.

So BE in the NOW.


See the blessings all around you. See the provision.

Focus on the person talking to you. Be there for them, listening, not working out the best reply to make you look smart.

Put your love and attention into the present task, no matter if it seems insignificant.

When its time to plan for tomorrow, do it, then entrust it to your heavenly Father.

We can’t save the world every moment, so breathe deep and be at peace.

Admire the cut of your carrots!!

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